Taste of the Towns Tickets

Advanced purchase: $35 or Purchased at the door: $45
Please complete this form, print it, and mail by
October 13, 2000
with a check made payable to:

Rotary Club of Elizabeth
PO Box 511? Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0511

or submit the form using your credit card
tickets can be mailed or you can claim them on the night of the event

YES! I will attend Taste of the Towns on Monday, October 16,
2000. Please send ticket(s) @ $35 each ? $
Please send 50/50 Raffle*? tickets
(One ticket @ $5 or three tickets $10)? $

Total Donation $

My check is enclosed
I would like to pay with my ??? Visa MasterCard

Card# ??? Exp. Date

Signature ________________

First Name: Last Name:
Address: City:
State : Zip :
Phone:(day) Phone:(evening)
Mail tickets to me
Willcall ticket pickup

*Raffle winners share:
1st Prize - 75% of Prize Pool
2st Prize - 15% of Prize Pool
3rd Prize - 10% of Prize Pool

How did you hear about Taste of the Towns?
Union County Chamber of Commerce
Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce
Rotary Club Mailing
Rotary Club Member
Newspaper Ad


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