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Rotary Mentoring

Rotary Partners in Mentoring

Webster’s dictionary defines “mentor” as “a trusted friend or advisor.” Studies have shown that a mentor relationship can be one of the most important relationships in a child’s development.

The Creative Mentoring (of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth, NJ) program’s objective is to become a friend to an Elizabeth school child who is in need of a one-on-one relationship.

Our purpose is to help the child become all he or she can be by helping to build self-esteem, self-confidence, interpersonal communication skills, social values, aspirations, and scholastic achievement.

Our ultimate goal is to assist a child in finding and developing his or her unique qualities. We want our mentees to know they are special people and that we care for them.

Just What Do I Do As A Mentor?

Mentors are given a quiet area in which to work with their child. We believe that good mentoring is child centered and child driven. So, depending on our child’s interests and needs we may talk about current experiences, read books, help with schoolwork, or work on a craft or project. We look for things that spark the interest of each child; and we make our weekly visits fun and learning for both of us.

The Creative Mentoring process is different from other mentoring programs in its emphasis on creativity. If our mentees need special help with academics, rather than “drill” them, we approach the subject with “creativity” and often in a project that serves multiple purposes.

Mentors spend 30 minutes to one hour once a week with their mentees, depending upon the school’s specific schedule.

If you’re interested in becoming a Creative Mentor
call John D. Jacobson @ (908) 355-5200